Brad B

My work with Joel Singer:

I worked really closely with Joel for over a year, and through that work we became friends. The nature of our work was mostly focused on my job search, but it also weaved its way into other parts of my life. Joel knew when to push me to do things I didn’t feel comfortable with, but he was also there to talk me through those anxieties as well. Through working with Joel, I became more confident professionally and personally. I was lost and inefficient with my days, and Joel knew that if he just got me to do some tasks each day that I would begin to drift less. Due to working with him I began to get out of bed, leave the house, and give each day some purpose.

Eventually, I was applying to 10 or more jobs a day. Joel was there helping me write my resume, cover letters, and coaching me through interviews. After an interview, Joel was always the first to reach out to me and ask me how it went. It took some time, but I eventually landed a good job. Without my work with Joel I would not have been ready for it and would’ve lacked the confidence to succeed in that job.

The value of my work with Joel wasn’t just landing that job, however. We weren’t meeting regularly anymore, but he texted or called me with regularity for months. He invested more time in me to make sure I was still doing alright. One day after work I called him and told him I wanted to look for a new job. He met me at a diner after he was done at his office, and we put together a new plan. He took an earnest interest in helping me out once more.

That’s the difference with Joel. He makes the extra time for you, and he cares. To him there is no finite end to his work with you. He repeatedly earns your trust and becomes your friend. I can’t thank him enough for helping get to where I am today.

-Brad B.

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