Dave M

Dr. Singer came into my life at a time when I needed guidance on several things. Leaving college after my freshman year was a difficult decision to make. I had no idea if I ever wanted to return to school, or whether I wanted to enter the real world, and pursue a full-time job.

Dr. Singer was still pursuing his PhD when I began working with him. His ability to balance his work life, school life, and life at home with his fiancé immediately amazed me. Joel was able to set aside whatever he had going, and turn his focus to the task at hand, and that in turn motivated me. Whether we met at the office, via facetime, or met at another location, Dr. Singer was always on time, and in a great mood, ready to attack whatever we had planned for that day.

Joel helped me tremendously pursuing jobs, adjusting back into school, helping with homework assignments, study prep, time management skills, organization skills, and much more. Throughout all this, I never felt pressured into deciding, or doing something I was uncomfortable with.

Dr. Singer has a rare ability to connect with everyone he meets. His open, outgoing, and positive persona is contagious. I always looked forward to our meetings, and I was immediately able to instill my trust in him after only a few sessions.

I can 100% say that I grew tremendously as a human, student, and professional during my time with Dr. Singer. Reflecting, I was unbelievably fortunate to have met, and worked with such an incredible person. I have no doubt that Dr. Singer is going to accomplish nothing but incredible things as he opens his own business. I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone that needs guidance with nearly anything.

-Dave M.

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