Nick M

When I started working with Joel, I was 23 years old and convinced of two things: 1. That I was incapable of finding career-type work and putting myself on an upwardly mobile life path and 2. That I did not want Joel’s help. I was a year and a half removed from my college graduation. I had finished school with high hopes and ambitions for the future. I had plans to find a job doing something I felt passionate about, aspirations of moving out of my parents’ house and beginning my life in earnest. I was ready for the world and eager for life.

After over a year of non-stop job searching, of sending out barrages of applications, of going to interviews, of compulsively checking my email, and of becoming familiar with the cold and impersonal tone of rejection letters, my outlook had changed. I no longer felt excited about the prospect of entering the world. Worse than that, I had resigned myself to the idea that maybe I never would enter it—or, at least not in the way that I had hoped. I had concluded that my failure to start a career path was a sign that there was, in fact, something deeply wrong with me, that each subsequent rejection notice was a confirmation of some fatal flaw in my character or perhaps in the world itself. I became bitter and deeply cynical. I stopped cutting my hair. I took more hours at my job as a food delivery driver. At some point, I stopped looking for other work entirely.

It was at this point that, at the request of my mother, I started to meet with Joel. I was hesitant at first. I didn’t know Joel, and at that point I was suspicious of anyone, much less a stranger, who wanted to tell me how I should approach life. Our first meeting was uncomfortable for me. I didn’t think I should be there, and I didn’t mind if Joel knew that. In spite of this, Joel was gracious and kind. He listened to my assessment of my situation. He offered his perspective, too, but, at least on that first day, he mostly just listened.

I kept meeting with Joel over the course of a few months. At first, we just worked on simple things—my resume, my cover letters, the basics of networking. Over time, we built a connection and started to broach the other issues my job search had caused me. Some days, I would go in to Joel’s office and wouldn’t even open my computer. I began to feel comfortable coming to him for his perspective and advice on a range of topics beyond my job search. Eventually, I did find a job. Joel kept in touch with me after I had moved for work. He continued to offer his support and guidance, even after we had stopped formally working together.
Joel’s greatest service to me was not to help me find a job. What Joel did for me was to help me break out of a deeply negative cycle of thinking. Joel helped me get past my pervasive sense of defeat. He helped me see the absurdity in my obsession with my job search. He helped me to get over myself, to regain some normal perspective on the world, and to establish some balance in my life. The habits Joel worked with me to cultivate brought me out of a dark place and have served me well as I have continued with my life.

In short, I cannot express the extent to which I would recommend working with Joel. He has a great capacity to connect with people, to understand where they are and to help them bring themselves to the place where they ought to be. He is genuine, relatable, positive, kind, and sincere. Connecting with Joel was a really important experience for me, and I have all the faith in the world that he can have a tremendous impact on anyone he works with.

-Nick M.

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